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Wealth Creation

Although it is essential to have the required foundations in place, it is also critical to manage what wealth you have and strive to make your hard earned money achieve your future aspirations.

At FWM we believe in engaging with you to help mould the plan that may be for your mortgage repayment, your school fees, your retirement plan or simply a general investment.

Too often people lose interest in this area, however our aim is make you an integral part of the process, a stakeholder in your own destiny. With our joint efforts we will help deliver your goals and aspirations, most of all we will always endeavour to understand you.

Wealth Creation Services

Risk Profiling Psychometric testing is used to help us evaluate your thoughts on investing. But we don’t just rely on this, it merely forms the background. It allows us to illustrate how we would interpret the data and therefore to assess the appropriateness of a strategy.

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Open Architecture

One of our core beliefs is adaptability, we will endeavour to find you suitable investment products that have unrivalled levels of fund options so that our selection is not constrained by limited choice.

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Wrap Platform

Choice does not necessarily mean complexity, by using the latest technology we can deliver administrative “wrappers” that allow us to ascertain your complete investment overview whether you have pensions, ISA’s Unit Trusts or Onshore/Offshore investment bonds.

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Wealth Products

Needless to say, we can assist and advise you in all the multi-disciplines i.e. Unit Trusts/ISA’s/Retirement Planning/Investment bonds. Our key is to understand you and realise where you want to go and what you want to achieve. Upon this understanding, we will construct the most suitable options available.

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Wealth Management

Creating an integrated and coordinated approach to managing your wealth.

Our personalised approach is designed to help us understand your wider ambitions and objectives for your wealth, whether you want to generate an income that supports your lifestyle, family and retirement plans; need help to pass your wealth on to future generations; or fund your ambitions, from personal legacies to philanthropy.

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